About Us

Green Cottage RDA group is based at Green Cottage Riding Centre in Three Legged Cross

Green Cottage RDA currently has 24 children from the local area who visit on Thursday mornings; they live with a variety of disabilities such as cerebral palsy, autism, Down’s syndrome and/or profound learning problems.

Using six ponies (two owned by the group) riding provides both physical and emotional therapy, thus providing the chance to improve balance, co-ordination, mobility and communication. Wheelchair bound children are able to view the world from a different aspect and the movement of a pony helps strengthen muscles as they learn to control the animal under them.

Riding lessons include teaching colours, numbers and speech, using toys and games to make sessions fun for the younger riders; the older children progress to more focused riding lessons at the walk and trot. They are helped by a wonderful team of volunteers freely giving their friendship and encouragement – it is so rewarding to see an achievement however small, even a smile, from a child who finds it difficult to communicate.

Green Cottage RDA relies on voluntary help, donations and legacies to deliver our services.

Green cottage RDA is part of the national Riding for the Disabled organisation