The benefits of riding with RDA for all the family

Our son Thomas is a very lively nine-year-old, with Downs Syndrome.
He has been riding at Green Cottage RDA since he was three. Over the years we have seen Thomas make huge improvements in his physical development and co-ordination.
The benefits to Thomas are obvious, but the support we, as a family, have received from this wonderful group cannot be underestimated.

Parents of disabled children are always told to keep up their own emotional resources but, if like us, you don’t have any family who live locally to help out, it can be really hard to get any quality time to do this. The RDA volunteers have, over the years, provided me with a lifeline with their kindness and support.

Thomas is very active and we are always on duty keeping him out of mischief. There are very few places where we can go and hand him over to others with complete confidence. When Thomas is riding, I have a precious moment to take a step back and recharge my batteries. It is an opportunity to chat to other parents and members of RDA who truly understand through shared experience.

Raising a child with learning difficulties brings a unique set of challenges. You measure their success in small hard-won steps. It gives you a wonderful boost to see your child constantly progress.

Thomas loves riding. He is very fond of Katy the pony he rides, and all the volunteers who make his Thursday mornings such fun.

On behalf of Thomas and all our family, I would like to say a massive ‘thank you’ to all the members of Green Cottage RDA. They give so much to the children and their families with their dedication and kindness.

To find out more about the Green Cottage RDA contact Jane Dowding on 0845 2415357.

Rachel Spalding