Meet the Team

Through the commitment of our volunteers, Green Cottage Riding for the Disabled enables people with disabilities to ride, to benefit their health and wellbeing, and to achieve their goals.

Annas-ProfileAnna – Chair/Instructor
I was a volunteer at the Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy for young teenagers which gave me an excellent background for my present work with Green Cottage RDA. I’ve been an active member at Green Cottage since 1995, and for the last 7 years have been the Group Chairman. I am also a Group Instructor and Trustee.
I have immense satisfaction from working with our young people and with our very supportive group of helpers.

Janes-ProfileJane – Secretary
“My name is Jane Dowding. I joined Green Cottage RDA in October 2006 and became Secretary in February 2008 – something that is interesting but quite time consuming. Having been involved with ponies/horses for most of my life, this is a way to ‘put something back’ and trying to help these special young riders with their achievements certainly puts my life into perspective. I am also a trustee for the group.”
Susans-ProfileSusan – Chief Instructor
I joined RDA in 1994 and co-ordinate the lessons in our 2 schools. I also serve as County Chairman for Dorset which means that I have to visit all of the RDA groups in the county at least once a year.
Debbies-ProfileDebbie – Group Instructor
I started volunteering at Green Cottage RDA in September 2008. In 2010 I trained to become a Group Instructor. I thoroughly enjoy spending Thursday mornings with our children, watching and encouraging their progress and achievements whether big or small. I am also a Trustee for the group.
Stellas-ProfileStella – Instructor
I joined RDA in early 2011 to help out with the ponies. At the time, the group was short of people with knowledge of horses (commonly known as “horsey people”!) As I had two horses of my own and time on my hands, I volunteered. I soon found myself becoming more involved with the children and learning how to deal with their various disabilities. It is challenging but immensely rewarding.
I became an Instructor in May 2014, and enjoy every moment I spend with Green Cottage RDA.
Vickys-ProfileVicky – Instructor
I started at (the then Holtwood) Green Cottage RDA Group in 1975, and have seen many changes over the years. I have recently passed the assesment to become and Instructor and am a Trustee for the group. I have arranged musical rides for our children to perform as a display and recently organised and made all of the costumes for our “changing of the guard” formation ride, which we performed for parents.
Shelagh-ProfileShelagh – Safeguarding Officer
I joined Green Cottage RDA 5 years ago. I am a retired Primary School Teacher and I enjoy helping our children to develop their skills and interact with the ponies. I am the Group Safeguarding Officer and a Trustee.
Nicolas-ProfileNicola – Treasurer
I have volunteered at Green Cottage for about 8 years. I am one of the helpers responsible for mounting the children onto the ponies, and am Treasurer & a Trustee for the group. Seeing the progress the children make, and the bond they develop with the ponies is very rewarding.